Introduction to Xamarin

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Introduction to Xamarin

Xamarin is a powerful platform allowing developers to create native mobile applications targeting both iOS and Android. Application logic is written in C# and shared across both platforms with up to 98% of code reuse.

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of designing, developing, building, testing, deploying and monitoring cross platform xamarin mobile applications.

NOTE: This is a one day introduction course to Xamarin. Informator also offer a three day lab-intense Xamarin course where you with coaching from our expert get the time to do more coding and really work through the alternatives!


.Net developers who need to build mobile applications for Andriod and iOS, and don’t want to leave the comforts of .Net behind.

Prior knowledge

  • Object oriented programming with a high level language such as C#, Java, python
  • Working knowledge of XML


  • Slides, demo- and labfiles
  • Ebooks- Xamarin in Action, Xamarin Forms

Xamarin is pragmatic, allowing you to share all the code between platforms that you sensibly can, while also providing full access to the native APIs so you can deliver a great user experience on both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, C#’s async/await feature helps you to easily make web API calls without compromising on responsiveness.


  • Setting up the development environment
  • Designing cross platform applications
  • Choosing an architectural pattern – mvvm vs mvp
  • Creating a native iOS UI
  • Creating a native Android UI
  • Creating a Xamarin Forms UI
  • Automated testing – unit tests, UI tests
  • Threading with Task, async and await
  • Consuming backend services
  • Visual Studio App Center


  • Datum torsdag 18 okt 2018
  • Tid 09:00 - 17:00
  • Fler tillfällen

    Inregistrering: kl.09.00
    Kursstart: kl.09.30

  • Plats

    Informator Utbildning Svenska AB
    Karlavägen 108
    115 26 Stockholm

  • Kursledare

    Informator Utbildning Svenska AB,
    Tel: 08 587 116 10

  • Förtäring

    Fika och Lunch

  • Deltagare (Max) 30
  • Sista anmälningsdag måndag 8 okt 2018
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